My wife and I are huge fans of the Indiana Jones movies, so when we heard about the release of "Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny" this summer, we were filled with excitement. Inspired by our love for the franchise, we decided to organize an Indiana Jones-themed styled photoshoot. We reached out to several models, sharing our vision with them and giving them the freedom to choose their own wardrobe and characters. The outcome we received was truly outstanding, with a wide range of interpretations that amazed us.
Working with the models was an absolute delight. They showcased their creativity and proved to be fantastic collaborators. My wife, Alicia Gregory, took on her usual role as Art Director and even captured a few shots herself. Among the talented models who participated were Destin, Kay Marie, and Sasha Fierce. We conducted the shoot in various locations, ranging from the untamed wilderness to our cozy home studio. We even ventured into remote photography, spanning distances from the USA to the UK. As an experimental touch, we decided to incorporate Photoshop's new AI Generative Fill for a few shots, and the results were undeniably cool.
We sincerely hope that you enjoy the outcome of our efforts and appreciate our homage to the iconic Indiana Jones.

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